project_development_project_management_kwateeProfessional consulting around water

Together with you and our partners we tackle fundamental social and development problems caused by instability, inefficient markets and ineffective governance.

We work with a wide range of clients, including national and local governments, bilateral and multilateral donors as well as private corporations.

Kwatee supports the vision of the Europe 2020+ strategy, and is well placed to assist the European Union’s efforts to build smart, sustainable, and inclusive economies that delivers high levels of employment, local productivity and social cohesion Managing global projects presents unique challenges.

Depending on our client's current and future needs on projects, Kwatee can assist in the critical aspects of project management, cost and schedule control, contract administration, claims prevention, and dispute resolution.

Our services are structured to establish an open and collaborative environment between all key parties to evaluate project planning issues and facilitate identification of solutions. These services can be provided individually or collectively at our client's direction, and will be tailored to fit the specific needs of our client's projects.

Kwatee offers Project Management in the following areas

  • Development and/or Review of Project Management Plans, Project Specifications, Project Controls and Contract Administration Policies and Procedures
  • Reviews and Critiques of Contract Documents, Proposals to Identify and Eliminate Potential Inconsistencies, Conflicts, Errors
  • Analysis of contracts to identify risks
  • Analysis of technical issues, schedule impact, and pricing of change orders
  • Cost and Schedule Risk Analyses
  • Project Reviews/Audits
  • Contract Administration/Owner's Representative
  • Preparation of Document Control and Tracking Procedures

 Do get in touch with us at Kwatee if you would like to discuss your project with our consultant. Our expertise ranges from wastewater treatment over water purification and includes the modernization of public wastewater units, as well as making water accessible in remote areas

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