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Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH

Hünerbergweg 17, 79539 Lörrach

Tel. +49 7621 583 403-0

Represented by:

Frank Lacroix-Schlegel

Managing Director


E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

District court/ Registration:

The German company is registered in Lörrach, registered at the district court „Registergericht Freiburg“ , registry number HRB715422

Tax identification number (§ 27a UStG): DE309370436


Kwatee Afrique S.U.A.R.L.
AGORA VDN (Voie de dégagement Nord) Villa 7
Fann Mermoz, BP 25582 Dakar Fann (Sénégal)
Tél. portable +221 77 866 7324
Directeur Général | Managing Partner: Frank Lacroix-Schlegel
N.I.N.E.A. | Tax ID: 006562666

Consultation of this site presupposes acceptance of the terms and conditions of use as defined below. Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time.

The contents of the site may be altered at any time and without notice. Kwatee reserves the right to suppress access to the site or to any of its parts without notice.

1. Intellectual property

This site is the property of;

Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH

Hünerbergweg 17

79539 Lörrach

The contents and presentation of the web site (HTML or Flash pages, whether fixed or automatically generated, files of images, illustrations, sound, videos, names, trademarks, logos, data bases, etc.) shall be protected by copyright law, the law on trademarks and other intellectual property laws.

Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH wishes to extend public access to its work and activities and runs its internet site, and the information, documents and other items included on it, exclusively for purposes of information. The content of this internet site is fully protected by copyright. Unless otherwise specified, the Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH authorises persons choosing to access its site to download and copy the site's contents for their personal use and for non-commercial purposes. No other use of the contents shall be authorised without prior written permission from the Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH.

Any reproduction of contents must include all copyright references and any other details and trademark information included on the original. Any reproduction of text or multimedia information (sound, image, software, etc.) included on the internet site must refer to the source by quoting the internet address (URL) of the page (Title of content, © Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH, URL).

2. Links

Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH reserves the right to require removal of a link to any of its web pages should it consider that such a link is not in keeping with its mission.

The site may supply links to other internet sites maintained by others and references to other sources of information. These links and information sources are supplied solely for purposes of guidance. Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH does not check these sites or the information contained on them and shall therefore not be held responsible for the availability of other sites to which it refers, for the content, advertisements and products offered by these sites, or for the quality and/or exhaustive nature of the information.

Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH declines any responsibility for damage resulting from consultation of the information found on other sites or in other sources of information in general to which it refers, particularly in the event of loss or damage caused, or allegedly caused, by connection to these sites.

3. Privacy

Users' personal data communicated to the Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH via its website are processed by the Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH, for example in order to send confirmation of an email or to forward information requested to users' addresses.

These data are not intended to be communicated to third parties other than persons specified by the user and firms whose involvement is required to achieve one of the abovementioned purposes.

In accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 on protection of privacy in relation to processing of data of a personal nature, users shall be entitled to consult and, if necessary, request correction of the data in question

4. Responsibility

The user accepts that any access to or use of the site shall take place under his/her own responsibility. The Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH shall be in no way responsible for direct or indirect damage caused by use of the site. The Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH may under no circumstances be held responsible for damage resulting directly, indirectly or fortuitously from incorrect or inappropriate use of the site or following incorrect or defective connection or for any other use in combination with any material taken from this site or any other specific software or material.

The information on this site is supplied as it is received and subject to availability. The Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH seeks to ensure, but cannot guarantee, the accuracy or exhaustive nature of the information contained on its internet site. The aim of the Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH is to keep this information up to date and accurate. If errors are reported, they will be corrected as far as possible. However, the Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH shall be in no way responsible for damage caused by any incorrect, non-updated or incomplete information communicated via its site.

Information supplied on this site shall under no circumstances imply the formulation of a specific opinion by the Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH. References to firms shall in no case imply any form of recommendation or backing on the part of the Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH.

Nor is it possible to guarantee that a document available on line is an accurate reproduction of an officially adopted text. The sole reliable source shall be the text of the legislation of the State concerned as published in that State's official journal.

Similarly, translations are offered for the convenience of readers and the Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH can offer no undertaking concerning the accuracy or exhaustive nature of these translations. In case of doubt it is up to the user to refer to the official texts.

The user of the site shall be aware that Internet is not a perfectly protected media and that total security concerning privacy cannot be guaranteed. As a result, the Kwatee Sustainable Solutions GmbH shall be in no way held responsible for any damage suffered by the user of the site following his/her introduction of confidential or delicate information.

5. Legislation applicable and competent law courts

These terms and conditions are governed by German law and shall be implemented pursuant to its provisions. The German law courts are alone competent to deal with any litigation arising.

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