Vacuum evaporation

Industrial wastewater treatment using vaccum evaporation technologies


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Kwatee provides units for the recycling of industrial effluents, such as oil-containing waste waters from pre-treatment and mechanical production using evaporators.

With a long-term experience in that field, Kwatee can support you with any issue with treatment of process water from various industrial applications such as coolant emulsions, painting processes, galvanization etc.


Over 20 years of experience in wastewater management and vaccuum evaporation

Evaporators are widely used in many industrial application and are an approved technology. Kwatee provides more than two decades of experience in the implementation and operation of vacuum distillation plants. We are working together with established and specialized partner companies.

Kwatee can repair and optimize your vacuum evaporation unit

We kindly offer our support in case you're experiencing technical problems with any evaporator from various suppliers. Are there any problems you have experienced, such as a low distillation capacity, high energy usage, low concentration rate or a low distillate quality? We're happy to assist you on site to identify the cause and fix it!

We are happy to assist you in the preparation of specifications, accompany you during acceptance and commissioning (eg FAT or SAT processes).

Please ask for a free on-site check of your system by getting in touch with us! 

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