Own water supply in the Black Forest, for camping sites or remote houses & hotels with own water sources

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Whether a mountain guesthouse, an location far off from a drinking water supply system, a remote holiday home in the forest, a golf course or a forester's lodge - all these properties have one thing in common: they usually need their own drinking water supply.

We have developed optimized solutions especially for these customers that meet the requirements of the German Drinking Water Ordinance.

In the meantime, we have installed drinking water purification plants at various locations.

Capacity from 3m³ per day

Our systems are adapted to your requirements:

  • We offer you a performance range from 3 m³/day to 150 m³/day (200 l/h to 10,000 l/h)
  • High-quality German components are used, e.g. Siemens SPS control with touch screen and remote access.
  • The installation and handling is simple
  • We can carry out commissioning and service work for you

There are numerous springs that lead to cloudy water during periods of heavy rainfall or snowmelt. In most cases, the water is also microbiologically conspicuous.

Disinfection with UV radiation is usually not effective because the turbidity is too high to guarantee a safe killing of viruses and bacteria by the radiation dose.

Germs in sources and wells close to the surface:

Especially in the case of springs close to the surface or shallow wells, turbidity impacts repeatedly occur in drinking water. As a result, the turbidity limits cannot be adhered to. However, this is particularly important for UV systems, as the limit value of 0.2 NTU/FNU must be reliably adhered to in order to guarantee disinfection of the drinking water.

With our ultrafiltration systems you can disinfect reliably and permanently.

You create safety for your drinking water! The systems can be supplied with or without solar/photovoltaic option.

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